WPC Facade SF3

Wood Plastic Composite Facade
(WPC Facade)

Product code : SF3

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Environmental Friendly
Wood plastic composites, or WPCs for short, are a new type of material made from recycled wood and recycled plastic. WPCs are environmentally-friendly because the production process doesn't require the use of fossil fuels and emits no toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.
Water And Weather Resistant
The WPC used for outdoor living spaces is rated for exposure to the elements. It is made with a material that is designed to prevent water from seeping in and will not rot, warp or crack. This kind of decking can also be installed on a variety of different surfaces such as concrete, stone, gravel or sand.
Termite Resistant
Wood-plastic composites are strong and durable materials which are resistant against termites and insects. They have a natural wood appearance and can provide a high quality look.

WPC is a type of material that has excellent weather resistance, color stability, and durability. It is also resistant to UV light and its color does not fade easily. WPC can be used both outside and inside. It’s non-toxic and non-allergenic. WPC is durable, heavy duty, and can withstand tough conditions such as rain or snow.

Wood plastic composite is water and weather resistant so it is a good choice for facade. Typically, the material is made from wood fibers with a binder that gives it strength. This versatile construction means that it can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

With so many color and texture options to choose from, our team will always be ready to help you find the best one for your needs.